Friday, April 01, 2005

the new pornography

Frank Miller's Sin City -- this is the Libertarian dream.

Although it is pseudo-stylish and formally slick you need look no further than these reviews to realize the new Sin City movie is the new pornography:

and on the books from Philadelphia Weekly:

Tomorrow Land

The sin city books might portend what's in store for Philadelphia.

by Steven Wells

sin city, Frank Miller's seven-volume gratuitous-sex-and-mindless-bloody-violence-spattered graphic novel series, has been rereleased to coincide with the movie adaptation (see Film, p. 35). The books are must-reads. This is noir on crack-Raymond Chandler's 1940s L.A. updated, degraded, force-fed steroids and stripped of all moral purpose.

Here all power lies in the hands of an unholy triumvirate of mobsters, corrupt cops and heavily armed whores. Here bipolar lugs-reeking of cigarettes and cheap whiskey, and caked in physical and emotional scar tissue-hunt down misogynist serial-killer rich kids. The characters die miserable, bitter, lonely deaths, crucified by a socioeconomic/criminal justice system rigged to funnel all wealth into the warty claws of a vengeful and evil elite.

These graphic novels are, in short, a chilling glimpse into the future of Philadelphia. There is, for example, no SEPTA in sin city. The poor rot in their homes, trapped in their neighborhoods, their children easy prey for the pedophilic spawn of the city's ruling families.

There's no smoking ban in sin city. The wheezing yellow-skinned troglodyte denizens of its strip clubs, brothels and titty bars stab, shoot and pummel each other with gay abandon, liberated by the knowledge that secondhand smoke has handed them a death sentence anyway.

There's no gun control in sin city. Democracy is in a persistent vegetative state. Gambling is legal.

The result is a much to be desired and thoroughly attainable Never Never Land-a veritable libertarian paradise-where the rich and powerful don't just exploit the poor. They rape, torture and (on occasion) eat them as well.

Imagine Peter Pan rewritten so that Peter's a 7-foot-tall psychopathic gun-monkey, the Lost Boys are an incredibly well-armed, self-regulated and drop-dead-gorgeous prostitute militia, and the pirates are a sadistic crew of swastikaed punk mobsters led by a cyclopean voodoo behemoth.

Now imagine the scantily clad whores have led the gangsters into an ambush (using a dead cop's head as bait) and are busy blasting the bad guys into scraps of shrieking offal (book three, The Big Fat Kill ). Ask yourself: Doesn't this sound like the kind of city you'd like to live in? Damn straight.

In short, sin city is the American dreamscape. It's a vision of a Philadelphia that's not only within our grasp, but-as long as we keep the Republicans in the White House and the screw-ups in city Hall-almost inevitable.

I, for one, can hardly wait.

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