Saturday, May 19, 2007

recent articles of note - large update

12 Nations put on Copyright Piracy List, Alice Rawsthorn on Design for the Unwealthiest 90 Percent, Tyler Brûlé on Trade Shows, Alice Rawsthorn on Milan's supersized creations, The French are on Kings Road, Mark Kermode gives a brief introduction to British End-Of-The-World Cinema, Bidisha talks of Zombie Films, as the House of Hammer Horror rises the dead, [Jonathan Miller's documentary on Atheism still controversial in America, Jonathan Glancey on Norwegian Architecture, Mark Di Ionnio on how Food Companies have Marketed us to Death, reports on Poorly Designed Crop Insurance and who benefits in America, Jeffrey H. Birnbaum reports on the Farm Bill, a book review of the recent Sassy book which explores the like between indie and populist, Natalie Hanman can't stand The Simpsons" and I'd have to agree, Eric Alterman's report from Planet Republican, John Harris weighs in on the Sixties and its diminished 'values', the CBC looks at Leisure Time, Peter Bradshaw's top ten picks at Cannes, the CBC on CONTROL - Anton Corbjin's Ian Curtis biopic and Peter Bradshaw's praise for the film-- [Admittedly, given that fact that it is Corbjin's project, it must look stellar--as so much of the band's existence is known through his photographs. A pity it wasn't shot in Macclesfield though.], Quintessential English Eccentric Isabella Blow Passed Away and her husband reflects on her Originality Author Lloyd Alexander Passed Away, Antony Gormley's latest exhibit explores a tastefully English Fog, Colby College in Maine receives a large gift of American Art, and A distinctly Belgian Contest for the Birds.

The Legacy of Rachel Carson is Celebrated this Weekend.


A slideshow of Montreal's Sanchez Brothers' work.

The World Without Oil Scenario
Harold Pinter Retrospective at the HFA

Friday, May 18, 2007

my top 25 recently played

The Wrong Girl 3:40 Belle And Sebastian 1998-10-05 Black Session
In The City 3:24 The Durutti Column Sporadic Three
More Than This (Live) Continuous Electrelane Singles, B-sides & Live
The Girl On the Escalator 4:01 Florida Monika Force
Bright Lights & Wandering 8:47 Future Conditional We Don't Just Disappear
We Don't Just Disappear 4:27 Future Conditional We Don't Just Disappear
Endless Soul 2:28 Josef K Endless Soul
It's Kinda Funny 3:43 Josef K Endless Soul
Sorry For Laughing 2:59 Josef K Endless Soul
Beetles And Spider Kate Wax The Dark Heat Collection I
Choses À Faire Continuous Keen-O (are Arlo Bigazzi . Blaine L. Reininger . Pier Luigi Nobody Knows How And Why Jazz 2 5/3/07 6:52 PM
Rock Critique 4:18 Notre Dame Comment L'amour EST Mort (Compilation Of Arnaud Fleurent-Didier's And Ema Derton's Songs)
Musikbyrån makes me wanna smoke crack 3:14 Pelle Carlberg Everything. Now!
I love you, you Imbecile 2:56 Pelle Carlberg In a Nutshell
Penguin Cafe Single 6:18 Penguin Cafe Orchestra A History (Disc 1)
Chinatown Steven Brown Zoo Story - Original Soundtrack Album
All Night Long Steven Brown Zoo Story - Original Soundtrack Album
Come Get Me 2:22 14 Iced Bears CD86 (Disc 2)
Our Change into Rain is No Change at All (Talkin' 'bout Us) A Sunny Day In Glasgow Scribble Mural Comic Journal
Through Wounds We Soon Will Stitch 4:16 A Whisper In The Noise RhÃÂÃÂÃÂ Lovely Festival Compilation, Presented By The Silent Ballet 1
A Picture You Can't Flash 3:59 Acetate Zero Bucolique Vol. 01
whenever we're together Allen Clapp Available Light
Something Strange Happens 4:11 Allen Clapp & His Orchestra Montecarlo
Anorak City 2:18 Another Sunny Day
Les Demoiselles De Rochefort(Chansons Des Jumelles) 3:43 Antena

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Running about in the Rain (Electrelane in Boston)

The strangely perverse weather we've been having in Boston lately -- 50F temperatures, darkness mid-afternoon, thundershowers, and tornado warnings in the Western part of the state-- did not stop me from attending last night's concert at the Paradise. Electrelane was excellent from start to finish. I do enjoy the album despite the fact that it has received lukewarm reviews in some places. Admittedly, it is hard to reconcile the merits of their first album, Rock It to the Moon, with the Gang of Four-style pop that's on the new disc, "No Shouts, No Calls". The set last night dispensed with the first couple tracks off the new album immediately and then followed with a good mix of newer tracks and cuts off the first disc.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

On the air again....May 4, 2007

7-10pm EST WZBC. more music, less commentary-- I'll keep it interesting.

Klima on France 2

Klima est aujourd'hui dans l'emission CD'AUJOURD'HUI de France 2.
Diffusions a 18h45 et 1h10.
Egalement disponible sur le net

Klima features on French TV, France 2, today, on the programme CD'AUJOURD'HUI.
Broadcasts at 6.45pm and 1.10 am.
Also available online