Thursday, August 13, 2009

deus ex machina

Perhaps that's what is it needed in this instance. A final resolute option. It all sounds so silly to me- the escape, the moment, the time elapsed - it all pales in comparison to the mark of history to the examples presented before me to this foregrounded sentiment to the rashness of the spectacle and my uninhibited expectations. This will never be taken for granted. The caving in to another's selfish desires - something else that yearns for mistolerance, that exists only to keep this presence away from me. Oh that I were not bound by such material concerns and plagued with mundane commitments. Is it really so much easier to let that drift out of concern for others - to walk away and isolate oneself? To act like the myopic and the driven? Where is the perspective in this scenario? Where is the push for the alright? Where is the motion to give this birth meaning? I am left with a collection of gestures and caresses. What has the light given me in this respect? A moment of silence, a moment with which to process this yet again, unaccounted for traumas. I wish this would all be deciphered. I hope to stand on firm, solid ground again. The strains of weakness and fever echo in my head - the eye and the hand. The call to break this cycle of repetition.