Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 1st 2010 - playlist - OTC NCP I on WZBC

"off the cuff" (NCP) with George 01/01/2010 07:00PM to 10:00PM

07:05PM Ambarchi / Fennesz / Pimmon / Rehberg / Rowe "Live Tea 1" from "afternoon tea" (CD) on Black Truffle
07:14PM Locust "Wrong" from "Wrong" (CD) on Touch
07:18PM King Midas Sound "Earth a killya" from "Waiting For You..." (CD) on Hyperdub
07:22PM Ryuichi Sakamoto "Coro" from "Chasm" (CD) on KAB America, Inc.
07:26PM Ryuichi Sakamoto "War and Peace" from "Chasm" (CD) on KAB America, Inc.
07:33PM Moritz Von Oswald Trio "Pattern 3" from "Vertical Ascent" (CD) on Honest Johns Records
07:41PM Moderat "Rusty Nails" from "Moderat" (CD) on BPitch Control
07:46PM Vitamins for You "its only snow - its only sunshine (live) with the WaWa International Brass and Wind Ensemble" from "desole...monsieur soleil c'est le niege qui va me liberer" (CD) on intr_version
07:54PM Gus Gus "Thin Ice" from "24/7" (CD) on Kompakt
08:02PM Electrelane "Blue Straggler" from "rock it to the moon" (CD) on Too Pure
08:09PM Nine Horses "Money For All" from "Money For All" on samadhisound
08:13PM Emptyset "Beyond" from "Emptyset" (CD) on Caravan
08:19PM King Midas Sound "Lost" from "Waiting For You..." (CD) on Hyperdub
08:23PM Jori Hulkkonnen "Bend Over Beethoven" from "Man From Earth" on Turbo Recordings
08:29PM Rapoon "blue streak blues" from "Dark Rivers" (CD) on Lens Records
08:35PM July Skies "Harlow" from "The Weather Clock (EP)" (CD) on make mine music
08:39PM Nana April Jun "Process Philosophy" from "The Ontology Of Noise" (CD) on Touch
08:45PM Jay-Jay Johanson "Liar" from "Self Portrait" on EMI Sweden
08:46PM Jay-Jay Johanson "Trauma" from "Self Portrait" on EMI Sweden
08:53PM Frits Weiland "Studie in lagen impulsen (1961)" from ""Institute Of Sonology: 1959-1969"" (CD) on Sub Rosa
08:57PM Robert Hampson "Ahead - Only the Stars" from "Vectors" (CD) on Touch
09:09PM This Immortal Coil "The Dark Age of Love" from "the dark age of love" (CD) on Ici D'ailleurs
09:14PM Demdike Stare "Ghostly Hardware" from "Symbiosis" (CD) on Modern Love
09:20PM Thick Pigeon "Jess + Bart" from "Too Crazy Cowboys (Remastered)" on LTM Recordings
09:24PM Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words "This Room Seems Empty Without You" from "Lost in Reflection" (CD) on Killer Pimp
09:30PM David Sylvian "The Department of Dead Letters" from "Manafon" (CD) on Samadhi Sound
09:33PM At Swim Two Birds "Let Her Go" from "Before You Left" (CD) on Vespertine & Son
09:36PM Rigas Den Andre "distordelle" from "Scandinavian Skweee Volume 1" on Ramp
09:40PM Tuxedomoon "New Machine" from "Desire / No Tears" on Crammed Discs
09:45PM Shackleton "Trembling Leaf" from "3 EPs" (CD) on Perlon
09:58PM Wolfgang Riechmann "Traumzeit" from "Wunderbar" (CD) on Bureau B

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

further notes on Benoit Hennebert

Just to point out a few older posts from the blogs of Dennis Cooper and Momus. The identity of the Hennebert Sleeves.