Monday, June 23, 2008

Locust - Your Selfish Ways

I just found this clip from French TV in 1998.

I still regret not seeing Mark Van Hoen play Mutek.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Lest we baguette

Suddenly I'm home after a bit drinking with my roommates. I realize this is raw and uncouth however I quite like it. I'm Listening to the FIRE ENGINES wondering why more people haven't heard of the genius that is the this band from Scotland. I will endevour to do my best to remedy this situation. (for give the grammar and misspellings) as if it were a remedy for past transgressions i hope for the future as manic impressions linger on and the truth comes fast and hard into this reality I look for consequence I wish i was in in Montreal for the summer to bask in the sun and enjoy the onslaught of music that the Quebecquois succumb to in such a fashion. I want to see the rest of Canada but Montreal has so much to offer its hard to give up. I work and I life towards this point.