Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OTC - NCP I - playlist from March 5 2010

"off the cuff" (NCP) with George 03/05/2010 07:00PM to 10:00PM

07:07PM Mitchell Akiyama "small explosions that are yours to keep" from "Small Explosions That Are Yours to Keep" (CD) on Sub Rosa
07:13PM Moritz Von Oswald Trio "Pattern 3" from "Vertical Ascent" (CD) on Honest Johns Records
07:23PM Conrad Schnitzler "Control 11" from "Vertical Ascent"
07:26PM Demdike Stare "Janissary" from "Symbiosis" (CD) on Modern Love
07:33PM Thomas Fehlmann "in the wind" from "Pop Ambient 2010" (CD) on Kompakt
07:39PM Monolake "Shutdown" from "Silence" (CD) on Imbalance Computer Music
07:46PM Apparat "Can't Computerize It" from "BPC 097" on BPitch Control
07:48PM Yellow Swans "Limited Space" from "Going Places" (CD) on Type
07:56PM Coh "Heitkamp" from "Enter Tinnitus" (CD) on Raster-noton
08:02PM Mapstation "The Protector" from "The Africa Chamber" on ~Scape
08:10PM Eleh "Observation Wheel" from "Location Momentum" (CD) on Touch
08:20PM The Durutti Column "Real Drums - Real Drummer" from "Vini Reilly" (CD) on Factory
08:22PM King Midas Sound "Meltdown" from "waiting for you"
08:27PM Carlos Giffoni "There Are Other Gates" from "Weird Compilation Vol II: Analogue Electronic Music 2008" on Wierd Records
08:32PM Lonelady "Marble" from "Nerve Up" on Warp Records
08:39PM Vitamins for You "Luxury and Hope." from "Saturday Morning Empires" (CD) on intr_version
08:45PM David Sylvian "Small Metal Gods" from "Manafon" (CD) on Samadhi Sound
08:52PM Tim Hecker "Altas Two" from "Atlas"
09:02PM Coti "Piccola Poema Urbano" from "[metamoria\>" on vibrant music
09:07PM Wilfried* "Loved Ghost" from "Songs for Mum & Dad" on Prohibited
09:11PM Metal Boys "Carnival" from "So Young But So Cold Underground French Music 1977-1983"
09:12PM Florida "The Girl on the Escalator" from "Monika Force" on Monika
09:16PM David Fenech "le bruit des grenouilles" from "Compilation BLOKHITON" on UBIK
09:18PM The (hypothetical) Prophets "Person to Person" from "so young but so cold"
09:24PM Nini Raviolette "Suis-je normale" from "so young but so cold"
09:28PM Fall of Saigon "She Leaves Me All Alone" from "Fall of Saigon"
09:32PM The Lost Jockey "matters of theory" from "the fruit of the original sin" on LTM
09:38PM Soap&Skin "X-Ray Heartlard" from "Soap&Skin" on [PIAS] Recordings
09:40PM Emptyset "Awake" from "Emptyset" (CD) on Caravan
09:45PM This Immortal Coil "Tattoed Man (Remix by Third Eye Foundation)" from "the dark age of love" (CD) on Ici D'ailleurs
09:53PM Joe Claussell "Shuttlecock" from "Joaquin Joe Claussell Meets Manuel Gottsching" (CD) on MG Art