Friday, June 16, 2006

Tonight - Special on Tuxedomoon on WZBC

My friend James Kraus is starting tonight an hour early at 6pm EST to play live and rare Tuxedomoon. I'll be back on the air next week.

His press release is as follows:

Please join myself and Martin Sorger on Friday, June 16th at 6pm-8pm for
a 2 hour special Test Pattern on WZBC, 90.3 FM. After that I will be
playing two-hours of WZBC's No Commercial Potential programming till

We will be featuring the rare releases, as well as hits, by Tuxedomoon
and their various solo and side projects.

Martin is an expert/aficionado of Tuxedomoon and their members. Martin
also used to do college radio and knows his way around a mic and

Please join us and please don't forget my regular Friday show, In With
The Old, at 10-12pm, every Friday on WZBC, 90.3 FM.

See you on the air,

James F. Kraus