Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back from vacation

I actually feel refreshed. I spent the week with my parents on Cape Cod. I haven't been there in over a decade. A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. The vacation was relaxing for once. I didn't feel as if I were off in a foreign city trying to maximize all the time I had available to see as much as possible. This trip was spent mainly by the seashore and in small towns. I went cycling about 44 miles one day-- which was exciting but a bit baffling due to limitations of the rental bicycle. After awhile it was fun but felt vaguely pointless because I couldn't get as much power out of the bike as I wanted and moderately cruised along past young families, teenagers and old people. After all that's what the Cape is all about -- roaming teenage gangs (with their parents not too far behind) and old people. Nights were spent reading; I brought 5 books with me and read 3 1/2 of them. The books I read were: "The Whistleblower: Confessions of a Health Care Hitman" by Peter Rost, M.D. (about exposing Pfizer), "Miracle Cures and Bloodletting" by Vincent Lam (a collection of short stories about a group of Doctors in Toronto), "The Big Clock" by Kenneth Fearing (an excellent Noir-type mystery) and "The Moro Affair" by Leonardo Sciasia -- all very enjoyable and compelling in their own ways.

I am slowly returning to work now. I have this steady compulsion to not stay at home as much and to go out and do things. Some friends are DJing tonight-- I may go check that out for a bit.

Other events that are coming up soon: I am DJing the early set at River Gods in Central Square Thursday September 13th. I'll keep you updated about that.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Playlist from August 17 2007

George ""off the cuff"" (NCP) Aug 17th 2007, 7.00PM to 10.00PM
Played Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
The Durutti Column INTERLEUKIN 2 for anthony IDIOT SAVANTS 2007
Gudrun Gut Move Me I Put A Record On 2007 Monika Enterprise
Jimi Tenor Take Me Baby (original) Take Me Baby Warp
Moebius - Plank - Neumeier Pitch Control Zero Set 1982 Sky
Hakan Libdo Clockwise (Apparat Mix) Clockwise - Rmxs EP 2004
Frank Bretschneider all summer in a day Rhythm 2007 Raster-noton
Jay-jay Johanson I want some fun On the Radio 2002
David Kristian Oncet music from the mermaid room Wikkid URL
Sleeparchive null sekunden Hospital Tracks 2006 Sleeparchive
Wio Pumpinyrchest V WIO 2001 K-raa-k
Kraftwerk Heimatklange Ralf & Florian 1973 Philips
Magnetic Fields Summer Lies The Wayward Bus 1991
The French Impressionists Boo Boos Gone Mambo/my guardian angel The Fruit of the Original Sin 1981 Les Disques Du Crepuscule
Hiroshi Fujiwara Getting Over You (Mil'o's Natureboy Remix)Remixes
Arthur Russell This is how Another Thought Point Music
Nine Horses Money For All Money For All 2006 samadhisound URL July Skies Waiting to Land (Epic 45 reworking) where the days go
Blaine L. Reninger & Steven Brown The Lorelei / Overture the night watch
Eyeless in Gaza Invisibility Voice - The Best of Eyeless In Gaza 1980-1986
Signal Malimo Robotron 2007 Raster-noton
Jimi Tenor A Daughter of the Snow Europa 1995 Sahko Recordings URL
Section 25 Looking from a Hilltop (edit) the night watch LTM
Wilfried* This Is My House Songs for Mum & Dad 2002 Prohibited
Hans Appelqvist Wanxian Sifantin och morkret 2007 Hapna
Hans Appelqvist tank att himlens alla stjarnor Sifantin och morkret 2007 Hapna
Arbol Aroma arbol 2001 indus sonica
Arbol Agios arbol 2001 indus sonica
Nine Horses birds sing for their lives Money For All 2006 samadhisound
Jay-jay Johanson She Doesn't Live Here Anymore She Doesn't Live Here Anymore 2006 EMI Sweden
Domotic smiles again smiles again 2003 Active Suspension URL
The Durutti Column the eye and the hand The fruit of the original sin
Herman Dune & Julie Doiron Have you seen the moon? Performance #1 2001 Intercontinental EMAIL
Haswell & Hecker Movement 2 Blackest Ever Black 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

Playlist from August 10, 2007 - (in memory of Anthony Wilson)

"off the cuff" (NCP) with George 08.10.2007 07:00PM to 10:00PM

07:02PM The Durutti Column "INTERLEUKIN 2 for anthony" from "IDIOT SAVANTS" on fullfill
07:06PM Radio Dept "It's Personal" from "pet grief" on Labrador
07:11PM Vitesse "The Saddest Day" from "A Certain Hostility" on Parasol
07:14PM Yann Tiersen "La terrasse" from "Tout Est Calme" (CD) on Labels
07:17PM John Foxx "spiral overture" from "cathedral oceans III" (CD) on fullfill
07:23PM Opto "4.34 am" from "2nd" (CD) on hobby industries
07:27PM The Durutti Column "the eye and the hand" from "The fruit of the original sin"
07:37PM Harold Budd "As Long As I can Hold My Breath" from "Avalon Sutra" (CD) on samadhisound
06:39PM Wim Mertens "multiple 12" from "The Fruit of The Original Sin" on Crepescule
07:42PM Piano Magic "Artists' Rifles" from "Artists' Rifles" (CD) on Rocket Girl
07:48PM Ø "side A" from "Ikuinen" (12 Inch) on Sahko
07:54PM Sleeparchive "Track4" from "The Sliverbird Casino" on DNP
08:02PM Be Music "Theme" from "Cool as Ice" (CD) on LTM
08:05PM David Kristian "sound absorber" from "music from the mermaid room" on Wikkid
08:14PM Red Turns To... "Deep Sleep" from "Deep Sleep" (12 Inch) on Factory Communications
08:19PM Gudrun Gut "Move Me" from "I Put A Record On" (CD) on Monika Enterprise
08:23PM Section 25 "The Process" from "From The Hip" on LTM
08:28PM New Order "Video 5-8-6 (Edit)" from "Twice As Nice" (CD) on LTM
08:35PM The Names "Nightshift" from "the night watch" on LTM
08:42PM Cabaret Voltaire "Yashar" from "Differen Colours, Different Shades"
08:48PM Telex "i don't like music" from "I don't like remixes" (MP3) on Crammed Discs
08:52PM The Wake "Host" from "Harmony & Singles" on LTM
09:06PM Rhine River III "an end remains" from "The fruit of the original sin"
09:07PM Stockholm Monsters "Kan Kill!" from "All At Once" (CD) on LTM
09:14PM The Passage "Devils & Angels" from "Seedy"
09:17PM The Magnetic Fields "Summer Lies" from "The Wayward Bus" (CD) on PopUp
09:20PM The Durutti Column "Please Let Me Sleep" from "IDIOT SAVANTS" on fullfill
09:28PM Tuxedomoon "New Machine" from "Desire" (CD) on Crammed Discs
09:34PM Nine Horses "birds sing for their lives" from "Money For All" on samadhisound
09:42PM Richard Jobson "the happiness of lonely" from "The fruit of the original sin" (LP) on Crepuscule
09:48PM The Durutti Column "the missing boy" from "LC" (MP3) on Factory Benelux
09:53PM Kraftwerk "Heimatklange" from "RALF AND FLORIAN" (LP) on VIRDIGO

Friday, August 10, 2007

Tony Wilson died today

Report from Manchester Evening News here.

Good interview with him in Spike Magazine circa May 2005

Also - the Guardian UK has a good set of articles on the man, the myth, the legend.

started the show off with Interleukin 2 for anthony by the Durutti Column

"Interleukin-2 is used to battle renal cell cancers,
which would explain the title and the dedication of
the song on idiot savants.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Extended Remix - On the air

I am on the air tonight from 6 to 10:30pm (1800-2230 EST)
I'm bringing more than the usual set up.

listen in.

WZBC 90.3fm