Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Playlist - April 6th 2007

I'll be on the air this Friday the 13th and Friday the 20th of April.
Details are at WZBC

"off the cuff"
Fri Apr 6th 2007 7.00pm–10.00pm
Like everything else, times are approximate.

John Foxx & Louis Gordon “Car Crash Flashback V2” from Sideways (Metamatic)
David Sylvian “Pollen Path” from Dead Bees on A Cake CD ALBUM (Virgin w 1999)
The Berg Sans Nipple “Aquarium Life” from along the quai (Team Love 2007)
Num9 “The Wait” from The Glow-worm's Resistance CD ALBUM (Acuarela)
The Durutti Column “Birthday Present” from Sporadic Three (Kooky 2007)
At Swim Two Birds “falling from trees” from returning to the scene of the crime... (Green UFOs 2007)
July Skies “Garden Constellations” from Dreaming of Spires CD ALBUM (Rocket Girl)
Thomas Belhom “electrolyse” from Cheval Oblique CD ALBUM (Apparent Extent)
Holiday for Strings “Pain Au Chocolat” from CD (stilll 2007)
Hugo “la collection” from 20 Ways to Float Through Walls (Crammed Discs)
Florida “The Girl on the Escalator” from Monika Force (Monika)
Section 25 “The Process” from From the Hip LP ALBUM (Factory 1983)
Future Conditional “Bright Lights & Wandering” from we don't just disappear (LTM)
Martial Canterel “Ascent” from confusing outsides LP (genetic music 2005)
Vitamins for You “Luxury and Hope” from Saturday Morning Empires (intr_version)
Arthur Russell “Keeping Up” from Another Thought(Orange Mountain 1993) To Rococo Rot “Testfeld” from .cd (Kitty-yo
Arbol “Summer and You” from Acuarela Songs 3 CD COMP
Pan American “train station” from Personal Settings CD COMP (Quatermass)
Jay Jay Johanson “Fire” from Poison CD ALBUM
Lazerboy “the day the earth caught fire” from a murder in the company of vespertine
Anna Domino “Zanna” from anna domino CD ALBUM (LTM)
Purple Confusion “Return to Nassau” from the sound of the atom splitting (Gooom)
Mobius - Plank - Neumier “Pitch Control” from zero set CD ALBUM (Captain Trip) M83 “Night (remixed by ISAN)” from Goom Tracks Vol. 2.5
Tuxedomoon Vs. DJ HELL “Luther Blisset” from Sonar 2002 CD COMP (sonarmusic)
Wilfred* “Loved Ghost” from Songs for Mum and Dad
The Village “Childhood” from "the Village" (Elefant
Languis “Far Away Days” from Unithematic CD ALBUM (Simballrec)
Francois De Roubaix “Commissaire Moulin - Indicatif” from Anthologie Vol. 1 CD ALBUM
Thick Pigeon “Silhouettes” from Crepuscule for Cafe Apres-midi (Victor Entertainment (Japan) 2001)
David Kristian “Fragmented Skyway” from Sweet Bits CD ALBUM
Future Conditional “Your love leaves me colder” from we don't just disappear (LTM)
Harmonia “sehr Kosmisch” from musik von harmonia CD ALBUM (Lilith 2006)

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