Friday, June 22, 2007

Playlist - June 15 2007

Fri Jun 15th 2007 7.00pm–10.00pm

Aube “DS III” from Duplex-Sphere CD ALBUM (Ultra-Mail Productions 2004)
Tuxedomoon “Again” from Desire CD ALBUM (Crammed Discs 2006)
Hans Appelqvist “wanxian” from Sifantin och morkret (Hapna 2007)
The Radio Dept “It's Personal” from Pet Grief (Labrador 2006)
Lawrence “Superpitcher - Happiness (Lawrence remix)” from Lowlights from the Past and Future CD ALBUM (Kompakt)
Piano Magic “{Son de Mar} soundtrack” CD ALBUM (4AD)
Thomas Belhom “oblique” from Cheval Oblique CD ALBUM (Apparent Extent)
Couch V B. Fleischmann “12 sind nur 4 rmx” from Do You Think That I'll Be Different when You're Through? CD COMP (Hausmusik)
People in Control “When It's War” 7-INCH SINGLE (Crammed Discs)
Seigen Ono “the first weather forecast” from forty days and forty nights (kitty)
Steven Brown “Audiences + Stages” from Decade (LTM)
Benjamin Lew “Ces personnages” from Le Parfum du Raki
Scott Walker “The Cockfighter” from Tilt CD ALBUM (Drag City)
John Foxx “The Shadow of A Woman's Hand” from cathedral oceans III CD
Hans Appelqvist “Tank att himlens all” from Sifantin och morkret (Hapna)
Coti “You were one once too” from Lido/Lato CD
Scanner “flow” from Flower Echoes CD
Zazou/Bikaye “Binagwe” from Guilty! (Crammed Discs)
Richard Pinhas “Iceland” from So Young But So Cold CD COMP
Arbol “aroma” from arbol (indus sonica 2001)
Ecstasy of Saint Theresa “Her Eyes Have It” from Free-D CD ALBUM (free 1994)
The Durutti Column “The Missing Boy” from Live at the Venue London LP ALBUM (1981)
AXOLOTL “Memory Theater” CD ALBUM (Important 2007)

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