Tuesday, April 01, 2008

playlist for absent friends (wzbc - March 21 2008)

Fri Mar 21st 2008 7.00pm–10.00pm
R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music.
Like everything else, times are approximate. Spinitron and this station are not liable for errors or omissions.
7:06PM Biosphere “Spring Fever” from Touch 25 CD COMP (Touch www.touchmusic.org.uk)
7:10PM Arbol “you travelled my heart inside out” (Lejos Discos 2008)
7:17PM Luke Haines “Rock 'n' roll communique No 1” from The Oliver Twist Manifesto
7:19PM Luke Haines “Oliver Twist” from The Oliver Twist Manifesto
7:22PM Luke Haines “Death of Sarah Lucas” from The Oliver Twist Manifesto
7:26PM Luke Haines “never work” from The Oliver Twist Manifesto
7:27PM Pan Sonic “Slovakian Rauta” from Touch 25 CD COMP (Touch www.touchmusic.org.uk 2006)
7:33PM The Durutti Column “Woman” from Someone Else's Party (Artful www.beggars.com)
7:41PM Robert Lippok “The Heart of Nuut picked by the Crows of New Koeln” from Monika Barchen: songs for bruno, knut & tom (Monika Enterprise www.m-enterprise.de)
7:49PM Arthur Russell “Keeping Up” from Another Thought (Point Music)
7:51PM Ghislain Poirier “Diaspora” from No Ground Under CD ALBUM (Ninja Tune)
7:55PM Adrian Sherwood “two versions of the future” from becoming a cliche (Real World 2006)
7:57PM Brian Eno “This” from Another Day on Earth CD ALBUM
8:04PM Gudrun Gut “Monika in Polen” from Monika Barchen: songs for bruno, knut & tom (Monika Enterprise www.m-enterprise.de 2007)
8:08PM David Fenech “le bruit des grenouilles” from Compilation BLOKHITON (UBIK)
8:14PM David Grubbs “show me who to love (live)” from (K-RAA-K)3 Festival 2002 CD COMP ((K-RAA-K)3 www.kraak.net 2002)
8:17PM July Skies “Branch Line Summers Fade” from The Weather Clock CD ALBUM
8:18PM July Skies “Girl On The Hill” from The Weather Clock CD ALBUM
8:22PM July Skies “See Britain By Train” from The Weather Clock CD ALBUM
8:27PM Purple Confusion “Return to Nassau” from the sound of the atom splitting CD ALBUM (Gooom www.gooomdisques.com 2002)

8:30PM Martial Canterel “Vichy Girls” from Views Beyond The City Walls (Tarantulla 2007)
8:33PM Vitesse “the saddest day” from A Certain Hostility (Parasol 1999)

8:37PM Arbol “nomi” from you travelled my heart inside out (Lejos Discos 2008)
8:41PM Infantjoy “Ghosts” from With (2006)
8:44PM Gnac “The Arrival of the Fog” (LTM www.ltmpub.freeserve.co.uk/ltmhome.html 2007)
8:50PM Tuxedomoon “Litebulb Overkill” from Desire CD ALBUM (Ralph 1981)
8:53PM Barbara Morgenstern “Wilderness” from Monika Barchen: songs for bruno, knut & tom
8:59PM Robert Wyatt “Stay Tuned” from Comicopera CD ALBUM (Domino www.dominorecordco.com 2007)
9:02PM Food “red algae” from Molecular Gastronomy CD ALBUM (Rune Grammofon www.runegrammofon.com 2008)
9:15PM Tara Jane O'Neil “This Morning” from in the sun lines CD ALBUM (Quarterstick 2001)
9:18PM The Durutti Column “Please Let Me Sleep” from IDIOT SAVANTS (fullfill 2007)
9:24PM Nine Horses “birds sing for their lives” from Money For All (samadhisound www.samadhisound.com 2006)
9:31PM Mark Van Hoen “Real Love” from Playing with Time CD ALBUM (Apollo 1998)
9:39PM Wim Mertens “multiple 12” from The Fruit of The Original Sin (Crepescule)
9:48PM Desormais “broken images and packets of light” from Iambrokenandremadeiambroken... CD ALBUM (intr_version www.intr-version.com 2003)
9:53PM Dissolve “Sunflower Search Engine” from Third Album for the Sun CD ALBUM (Kranky www.kranky.net 1997)

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