Saturday, May 03, 2008

playlist - "off the cuff" wzbc - May 2, 2008

George ""off the cuff"" (NCP) May 2nd 2008, 7.00PM to 10.00PM

Played Artist Song Disk Year Label Note

7:04PM Arbol you travelled my heart inside out you travelled my heart inside out 2008 Lejos Discos
7:11PM Rothko Zurich Trains Bucolique Vol. 01 Arbouse
7:19PM Dorit Chrysler Sweden Monika Barchen: Songs for Bruno, Knut & Tom Monika Enterprise URL EMAIL
7:20PM The Radio Dept It's Personal Pet Grief 2006 Labrador
7:23PM Gas 1 Nah und Fern (Disk 1) 2008 Kompakt URL from 1996 first album
7:33PM Our Sleepless Forest Nomads The Wire Tapper 19 2008 Wire
7:38PM Snorkel The Conversation (Edit) The Wire Tapper 19
7:41PM Opto 5.10 am 2nd 2004 hobby industries
7:46PM David Kristian + Ryosuke Aioke 10 ghost storeys 2006 Cocosolidciti
7:58PM The Field over the ice From Here We Go Sublime 2007 Kompakt
8:14PM Gas 5 Nah und Fern (Disk 2) "Zauberberg" 2008 Kompakt from 1997 second album
8:15PM Mark Van Hoen Canyon of Descent Canyon of Descent unreleased mix
8:18PM Markus Guentner Altocomulus Opacus Pop Ambient 2007 Kompakt
8:27PM Main Maelstrom (K-RAA-K)3 Festival 2002 2002 (K-RAA-K)3
8:33PM Wim Mertens Shot One Shot and Echo 1992 Les Disques Du Crepuscule
8:38PM Les Hurleurs Il y a des jours Blottie 2003
8:41PM July Skies The Weather Clock The Weather Clock (EP) 2008 make mine music
8:47PM Lawrence Weiner Where it came from Fruit of the Original Sin (Expanded Edition) 1981 LTM
8:51PM Milenasong Streicheln Monika Barchen: Songs for Bruno, Knut & Tom 2008 Monika Enterprise
8:57PM Ghislain Poirier It's a War War War No Ground Under 2007 Ninja Tune
9:01PM Howie B Five Days Freezone 3 1996 SSR
9:07PM Gas 6 Nah und Fern (Disk 3) Konigtsforst 2008 Kompakt from 1998 third album
9:17PM Harold Budd Little Heart Avalon Sutra 2004 samadhisound
9:25PM Nine Horses birds sing for their lives Money For All 2006 samadhisound
9:32PM Gas 7 Nah und Fern (Disk 4) POP 2008 Kompakt from 2000 forth album
9:48PM The Berg Sans Nipple Melt Catalogue 2002 2002 Catalogue Records
9:56PM Richard Pinhas Iceland So Young But So Cold 2004 Tigersushi

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