Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playlist - July 24 2009 - WZBC NCP I

WZBC Newton 90.3FM
Boston College Radio

"off the cuff" (NCP) with George 07.24.2009 07:00PM to 10:00PM

07:12PM Ovil Bianca "RaidIO" from "Gravity = Love" (CD) on (K-RAA-K)3
07:13PM Asmus Tietchens & Okko Bekker "aus nichts" from "Stockholmer Totentanz" (CD) on Artware
07:20PM Bene Gesserit "Kidnapping" from "Kidnapping" (7 Inch)
07:24PM Jimi Tenor "My Mind" from "organism" (CD) on warp music
07:29PM Deadly Weapons "King Cobra" from "Deadly Weapons" (LP) on NATO
07:34PM KG "SPECTRE (musique pour mangas erotiques)" from "Gooom Tracks Vol. 2" (CD) on Gooom Disques
07:40PM Robert Hampson "Ahead - Only The Stars" from "Vectors" (CD) on Touch
07:51PM David Sylvian "Pollen Path" from "Dead Bees on A Cake" (CD) on Virgin
07:55PM The Remote Viewer "the sound of a finished kiss" from "Here I Go Again on My Own" (CD) on Tower Block
08:03PM Soft Verdict "Inergys" from "Vergessen" (LP) on Crepuscule
08:07PM Cavil "meet me at strumble head" from "an Evening in the Company of Vespertine" on Vespertine
08:09PM Robert Wyatt "Foreign Accents" from "cuckooland" on Hannibal
08:14PM Mark Van Hoen "Dark Roads" from "the warmth inside you" on Very Friendly
08:20PM It and my computer "Pas A Pas" from "(K-RAA-K)3 festival sampler" on (K-RAA-K)3
08:24PM The Honeymoon Killers "Fonce a Mort" from "Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel" (CD) on Crammed Discs
08:30PM Steven Brown "la vie est belle" from "composes pour le theatre et le cinema" (LP) on Les Disques Du Crepuscule
08:33PM Jay-Jay Johanson "sore" from "Self Portrait" on EMI Sweden
08:39PM Harold Budd "Flowered Knife Shadows (for Simon Raymonde)" from "LOVELY THUNDER" (LP) on Editions EG
08:45PM Delia Derbyshire "Falling" from "Inventions for Radio - Dreams"
08:56PM Nobukazu Takemura "travels of italy" from "child & magic" (CD) on warner japan
09:02PM Disco Inferno "Incentives" from "In Debt"
09:06PM Wolfgang Riechmann "traumzeit" from "Wunderbar" (CD) on Bureau B
09:14PM The Durutti Column "Otis" from "Vini Reilly" on Factory
09:18PM Nana April Jun "Process Philosophy" from "the ontology of noise" (CD) on Touch
09:26PM Liima "Version 3" from "Verion 3 & 4" (10 Inch) on Raster-noton
09:34PM Eyeless in Gaza "Invisibility" from "Voice - The Best of Eyeless In Gaza 1980-1986" (CD) on Cherry Red
09:36PM Epee Du Bois "Misery" from "Wierd Compilation Volume II: Analogue Electronic Music 2008" on Wierd
09:40PM Ryuichi Sakamoto "Thatness and Thereness" from "US"
09:47PM Robert Henke "shift_register" from "Atom Document" (CD) on Imbalance Computer Music
09:52PM Rapoon "this side of zero" from "Dark Rivers" (CD) on Lens Records

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