Friday, December 04, 2009

OTC - Playlist NCP I - November 27 2009

"off the cuff" (NCP) with George 11/27/2009 07:00PM to 10:00PM

07:07PM Demdike Stare "Suspicious Drone" from "Symbiosis" (CD) on Modern Love
07:14PM Polmo Polpo "requiem for a fox" from "Like Hearts Swelling" (CD) on Constellation
07:24PM Electrelane "I want to be the president" from "I Want to Be the President (EP)" on Let's Rock!
07:29PM Dat Politics "Bubble Queen" from "Clicks and Cuts 3" on Milleplateaux
07:32PM Anna Domino "Zanna" from "anna domino" (CD) on LTM
07:35PM Arovane "Knottel Amx" from "Lux Nigra Allstars" on Lux Nigra
07:40PM The Radio Dept "It's Personal" from "Pet Grief" on Labrador
07:44PM Emptyset "Beyond" from "Emptyset" (CD) on Caravan
07:49PM 2562 "Escape Velocity" from "Unbalance"
07:55PM Rigas Den Andre "distordelle" from "Scandinavian Skweee Volume 1" on Ramp
07:59PM Ester Brinkmann "Totes Rennen" from "Totes Rennen" (CD) on Suppose
08:07PM The Durutti Column "Or Are You Just A Technician" from "A PAEAN TO WILSON" (CD) on Kooky
08:08PM The Durutti Column "Chant" from "A PAEAN TO WILSON" (CD) on Kooky
08:18PM The Durutti Column "Quattro" from "A PAEAN TO WILSON" (CD) on Kooky
08:24PM The Durutti Column "Requiem" from "A PAEAN TO WILSON" (CD) on Kooky
08:30PM Fennesz "Saffron Revolution" from "Black Sea" (CD) on Touch
08:36PM At Swim Two Birds "let her go" from "Before You Left" (CD) on Vespertine & Son
08:41PM The Lost Jockey "matters of theory" from "the fruit of the original sin" on LTM
08:46PM Jay-Jay Johanson "Liar - Trauma" from "Self Portrait" on EMI Sweden
08:53PM Moritz Von Oswald Trio "Pattern 4" from "Vertical Ascent" (CD) on Honest Johns Records
09:01PM Mokira "Invitation to love" from "Persona" on Type
09:11PM Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy "loss of perspective" from "A Picture of a Picture" (CD) on Killer Pimp
09:20PM Steven Brown "Last Rendezvous (7" version)" from "Searching for Contact" (CD) on LTM
09:25PM Mapstation "Return of the hunters" from "The Africa Chamber" on ~Scape
09:30PM The Passage "Devils and Angels" from "Seedy"
09:36PM Epee Du Bois "Misery" from "Wierd Compilation Volume II: Analogue Electronic Music 2008" on Wierd
09:43PM A Band Apart "O My Beautiful Song" from "12"" on Crammed Disc
09:45PM The Durutti Column "Brother" from "A PAEAN TO WILSON" (CD) on Kooky
09:55PM Shackleton "(no more) Negative Thoughts" from "3 EPs" (CD) on Perlon

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