Monday, May 02, 2005

Bossa what? tonight

This is in response to what's below. re: Nouvelle Vague. The album is finally being released domestically in the USA on the label V2. This process took about a year and a half roughly to do. Hence the need for promotion via Sony's 'indie' label V2. Personally, I think this is rubbish because anyone who really cared about the music would already own this disc. Its really not that difficult to do the leg work and learn what's going outside of your backyard. Needless to say, I'm sure the night will still be fun and the DJs at River Gods are among the best for that sort of thing. Besides, bossa nova-style songs are perfect music for the warmer days ahead. Also, it may be your only chance to hear their songs in the Boston area for a while. I don't think they're going on tour again in the USA this summer.

As reported in the Boston Globe today:
Faux Brazil
By James Reed | May 2, 2005

Adam Pierce is your everyday indie-rock genius who lives in Mount Vernon, N.Y., and has scant Brazilian touches in his music. Pierce is also Mice Parade's songwriter and plays most of the instruments. His 9 p.m. show at T.T. the Bear's Place is your first chance to hear songs from Mice Parade's new album, ''Bem-Vinda Vontade." Tickets: $9. 10 Brookline St., Cambridge, 617-492-2327.

Nouvelle in vogue

It turns out that Joy Division had it all wrong. Yes, love will tear us apart, but that sentiment doesn't have to be such a downer. It can be sexy and lounge-y. At least that's the thesis of Nouvelle Vague, a coterie of très-chic French musicians. Tomorrow is the US release of the band's self-titled album, a collection of new-wave and punk-rock hits reimagined as sultry Brazilian and '60s pop nuggets. The idea behind the album was to strip the songs bare and then get singers who weren't familiar with the original versions. Mission accomplished. If you thought Paul Simonon was fierce on the Clash's version of ''Guns of Brixton," wait until you hear singer Camille purr her way through it. Tonight, the beat masters at River Gods celebrate the album's release with a listening party at 7. They'll play the entire album and have some promotional goodies on hand. Afterward, at 8, the Weekly Wax series will feature DJs K.C. Hallett and Br. Cleve spinning Brazilian music of all flavors. It's free, but a word to the wise: Arrive early to snag a table and have a beer and some dinner.

125 River St., Central Square, Cambridge, 617-576-1881.

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