Monday, May 16, 2005

I love coffee

When I'm not brewing it at home, I usually stop by Peets Coffee ( for a cup. Peets is one of the few places left that still brews a strong cup. So many places here in Boston, even the ones that aren't controlled by the ever pervasive chains, don't know how to make a good cup of coffee. I find this extremely disconcerting. It would seem that Americans are used to having weak brewed stuff that is more like flavored water than anything resembling coffee. They have grown up with this barely passable beverage and are unable to come to terms with something that contradicts their fixed taste. I do not know how to approach this problem in a gentle manner. I would like to tell the kids at some of the independent coffee houses around here how to properly make a nice full cup.

In my youth I traveled to the many locations of the magnificent "Coffee Connection". Sadly, alas, it is no more. George Howell has moved on to other ventures, the latest of which is his terroir coffee. ( This website give you extensive information about brewing methods. Lately, I have been using Black Bear Coffee (, which is roasted in New Hampshire. Black Bear Coffee yields a good flavorful cup. It is definately a cut above what is out there.

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