Thursday, December 29, 2005

Favorites of 2005 - Music Music Music - A Year in Review

1. "Keep Breathing" - the Durutti Column (Fulfill/Artful)
2. "Confusing Outsides" - Martial Canterel (Genetic Records)
3. "Another Day on Earth" - Brian Eno (Opal)
4. "Dreams Made of Paper" - Arbol (lejos discos/emilii records)
5. "Snow Borne Sorrow" - Nine Horses (samadhi sound)
6. "Tales From Turnpike House" - St. Etienne (sanctuary)
7. "Les Retrouvailles" - Yann Tiersen (Labels)
8. "Small Explosions That are Yours to Keep" - Mitchell Akiyama (Sub Rosa)
9. "CHASM" - Ryuichi Sakamoto (KAB America) *
10. "Musique pour 3 femmes enceintes" - Marc LeClair (Mutek_rec)

Honourable Mention:
"From Fuji to Roma LIVE" - [Swedish] Death Polka (Chat Blanc)
"Kiss Me Again and Again" - Polmo Polpo (intr_version)
"All My Bad Thoughts" - The Montgolfier Brothers (Vespertine & Son)
"Symbol" - Susumu Yokota (Lo Recordings)
"Eco" - Skipsapiens (Mutek)
"Dropsonde" - Biosphere (Touch)
"The Dreamhouse" - Windy and Carl (Kranky)
"Cathederal Oceans III" - John Foxx (Fulfill)
"Music of the Future" - Desmond Leslie (Trunk)
"Idyllatry" - Peter Principle (LTM)
"Dead Letters to Lost Friends" - Desormais (intr_version)

"Stilllysm"- Various (Stilll)
"Kiss The Future" - Mark Stewart (Soul Jazz)

"Lyceum + Singles" - The Orchids (LTM)
"Striving for the Lazy Perfection" - The Orchids (LTM)
"Unholy Soul" - The Orchids (LTM)
"Like The Others" - Winston Tong (LTM)
"100 Years of Music: Live in Lisbon" - Steven Brown and Blaine L. Reninger (LTM)
"Subliminal 1979-1982" - Eric Random (LTM)

Note: The date for Ryuichi Sakamoto's Album "CHASM" is 2004. However, it is new to me so I have made an exception and included it on my list.
Recent Obituaries of note:
Guitarist Derek Bailey - John Fordham remembers him in hisGuardian UK Obituary.

Also, Salvador Dali's Secretary and exploiter.

Best Wishes to All! Have a Happy New Year!

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