Friday, December 16, 2005

Tonight on "Off the Cuff" - the Durutti Column : Keep Breathing

The latest effort from Vini Reilly & Co. has arrived! I will play it on my radio show tonight. I've heard that its a real return to form for the Durutti Column. Its in my hands now. Get ready to hear portions of it from 7-10pm EST on WZBC 90.3fm live webcasting
via can be found on WZBC's website.

Stay tuned.


(Artful / FullFill)
6 February 2006 [official release date]

1. Nina
2. Its Wonderful
3. Maggie
4. Helen
5. Neil
6. Big Hole
7. Let me tell you something
8. Lunch
9. Gun
10. Tuesday
11. Agnus Dei
12. Waiting


matt said...

can't wait for the official release!

mail said...

this is a fantastic release, trust me!