Saturday, August 26, 2006

Top 25 most played - as of today

This is what my itunes says right now - any questions?

I Want Some Fun Funkstörung feat. Jay Jay Johanson !K7 (Disc 2)
Leave Me Alone 4:40 New Order Retro [Disc 2]
Velocity Girl 1:22 Primal Scream Shoot Speed (More Dirty Hits)
Ivy Ivy Ivy 3:04 Primal Scream Shoot Speed (More Dirty Hits)
The Worst Taste In Music (Extended) 3:21 The Radio Dept. Pet Grief
Missing You 2:33 Club 8 Waking Up
Jarvcast 001 7:49 Jarvis Cocker Jarvcast Podcast
I Want Some Fun 4:36 Jay-Jay Johanson Antenna
Suicide Is Painless 3:30 Jay-Jay Johanson Black Session 04/1997
Colder (I Want You No More) 4:41 Jay-Jay Johanson Poison
Time Is Running Out 2:41 Jay-Jay Johanson Poison
Little White Lies 3:54 At Swim Two Birds Quigley's Point
Bonfire On The Field 8:13 Chihei Hatakeyama Minima Moralia
It's A Kid's World 4:32 Disco Inferno
Weakness And Fever 5:22 The Durutti Column The Fruit Of The Original Sin
Real Drums - Real Drummer 2:42 The Durutti Column Vini Reilly
Still All Stands Still 3:00 Eggstone
Wirbelwind Am Manual 0:39 Felix Kubin Matki Wandalki
Menthol Radio Swing 1:59 Felix Kubin Matki Wandalki
Too Technical 2:30 Felix Kubin Matki Wandalki
N.C.R. 4:55 Funkstörung Viceversa
Bad Kid 3:41 Hopper
Capitalism Stole My Virginity 3:32 The International Noise Conspiracy
Poison 4:09 Jay-Jay Johanson Poison
Humiliation 3:06 Jay-Jay Johanson Poison

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