Monday, January 01, 2007

Hello again.

Its me, ready for another year, ready for work, for play, for future events. Today I watched a mystical story of jealousy and madness, namely Ingmar Bergman's film "Hour of the Wolf". There's nothing like a good fright to wake one up to the pressures of reality, to reacquaint oneself with future prospects. Now I'm dreaming of careful walks by the seashore, of the point where the sea meets the sky. I go there now in my mind for a few moments, then I breathe out again. inhale. exhale. For some reason I smile suddenly, although i have nothing in particular to smile about. I've been listening to the recent track by the Orchids "Saturday Night" (who are due to tour starting in March). I remember thinking the first time I heard this track: its like they picked up right where they left off without missing a beat. They continue to make priceless, brilliant pop music. It is so good to have many new concerts and albums to listen to-- I've said it before: the value of culture cannot be underestimated, it is what gives life meaning. This will always be remembered. On the last day of the year, as I walked across town to get coffee, I listened to "This is Just a Modern Rock Song" by Belle and Sebastian, somehow it just seems fitting.

I'll try not to be so prickly in the future, how about that?

In the meantime, the theme to ring in the New Year turned out to be ...
"Final Day" by the Young Marble Giants, what else?

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matt said...

ahhhh, the Young Marble Giants "Final Day." One of my favorite songs of all time.

cheers -- best for 2007