Monday, August 13, 2007

Playlist from August 10, 2007 - (in memory of Anthony Wilson)

"off the cuff" (NCP) with George 08.10.2007 07:00PM to 10:00PM

07:02PM The Durutti Column "INTERLEUKIN 2 for anthony" from "IDIOT SAVANTS" on fullfill
07:06PM Radio Dept "It's Personal" from "pet grief" on Labrador
07:11PM Vitesse "The Saddest Day" from "A Certain Hostility" on Parasol
07:14PM Yann Tiersen "La terrasse" from "Tout Est Calme" (CD) on Labels
07:17PM John Foxx "spiral overture" from "cathedral oceans III" (CD) on fullfill
07:23PM Opto "4.34 am" from "2nd" (CD) on hobby industries
07:27PM The Durutti Column "the eye and the hand" from "The fruit of the original sin"
07:37PM Harold Budd "As Long As I can Hold My Breath" from "Avalon Sutra" (CD) on samadhisound
06:39PM Wim Mertens "multiple 12" from "The Fruit of The Original Sin" on Crepescule
07:42PM Piano Magic "Artists' Rifles" from "Artists' Rifles" (CD) on Rocket Girl
07:48PM Ø "side A" from "Ikuinen" (12 Inch) on Sahko
07:54PM Sleeparchive "Track4" from "The Sliverbird Casino" on DNP
08:02PM Be Music "Theme" from "Cool as Ice" (CD) on LTM
08:05PM David Kristian "sound absorber" from "music from the mermaid room" on Wikkid
08:14PM Red Turns To... "Deep Sleep" from "Deep Sleep" (12 Inch) on Factory Communications
08:19PM Gudrun Gut "Move Me" from "I Put A Record On" (CD) on Monika Enterprise
08:23PM Section 25 "The Process" from "From The Hip" on LTM
08:28PM New Order "Video 5-8-6 (Edit)" from "Twice As Nice" (CD) on LTM
08:35PM The Names "Nightshift" from "the night watch" on LTM
08:42PM Cabaret Voltaire "Yashar" from "Differen Colours, Different Shades"
08:48PM Telex "i don't like music" from "I don't like remixes" (MP3) on Crammed Discs
08:52PM The Wake "Host" from "Harmony & Singles" on LTM
09:06PM Rhine River III "an end remains" from "The fruit of the original sin"
09:07PM Stockholm Monsters "Kan Kill!" from "All At Once" (CD) on LTM
09:14PM The Passage "Devils & Angels" from "Seedy"
09:17PM The Magnetic Fields "Summer Lies" from "The Wayward Bus" (CD) on PopUp
09:20PM The Durutti Column "Please Let Me Sleep" from "IDIOT SAVANTS" on fullfill
09:28PM Tuxedomoon "New Machine" from "Desire" (CD) on Crammed Discs
09:34PM Nine Horses "birds sing for their lives" from "Money For All" on samadhisound
09:42PM Richard Jobson "the happiness of lonely" from "The fruit of the original sin" (LP) on Crepuscule
09:48PM The Durutti Column "the missing boy" from "LC" (MP3) on Factory Benelux
09:53PM Kraftwerk "Heimatklange" from "RALF AND FLORIAN" (LP) on VIRDIGO

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