Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - NCP I - October 9 2009

Fri Oct 9th 2009 7.00pm–10.00pm

Ovil Bianca “RaidIO” from Gravity = Love CD ALBUM ((K-RAA-K)3 2001)
Moderat “Rusty Nails” from Moderat CD ALBUM (BPitch Control 2009)
Slow Hand Motem “idea” from Skweee Tooth (Ramp 2009)
Tuxedomoon “What Use?” from Solve et Coagula (13+1) (Crammed)
The Names “Calcutta” from Auteur Labels: Factory Benelux 1980-1985 (LTM 2008)
Bene Gesserit “Kitchen Music (for kitchen people)” from A High, Happy, Perverse And Cynical Cry Of Joy... LP ALBUM (Insane Music 1984)
Everything But the Girl “On My Mind” from Pillows and Prayers CD COMP (Cherry Red 1988)
Coti “M key” from [metamoria\> (vibrant music 2001)
Cavil “Meet Me At Strumble Head” from an Evening in the Company of Vespertine (Vespertine)
David Sylvian “The Heart Knows Better (rmx by Sweet Billy Pilgrim)” from the good son vs THE ONLY DAUGHTER CD ALBUM (samadhisound 2005)
Cleaners from Venus “This Rainy Decade”
Epee Du Bois “Misery” from Wierd Compilation Volume II: Analogue Electronic Music 2008 (Wierd 2008)
Colin Newman “Better Later Than Never” from It Seems (Crammed Discs)
Angel of Decay “Malignant Tumor of the heart” from Wierd Compilation Volume II: Analogue Electronic Music 2008 (Wierd)
Disco Inferno “Incentives” from In Debt
The Remote Viewer “I waited but nothing happened” from Here I Go Again on My Own CD ALBUM (Tower Block 2002)
Richard Pinhas “Iceland” from So Young But So Cold CD COMP (Tigersushi 2004)
Tuxedomoon “The Stranger” from Pinheads on the Move CD ALBUM (Crammed Disc 2006)
Frederik Schikowski “station breslauer strasse” from cashier escape route
Florida “The Girl on the Escalator” from Monika Force (Monika)
Nobukazu Takemura “wizard in circus” from child & magic CD ALBUM (warner japan 2002)
Felix Kubin “Hello” from Matki Wandalki CD ALBUM (A-musik 2004)
Wio “I don't really like pies” from (K-RAA-K)3 Labelsampler CD COMP ((K-RAA-K)3 2001)
Jacques Derrida “Destruction and Necessity” from The Night Watch CD COMP (LTM 2004)
Felt “Mexican Bandits” from Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty LP ALBUM (Cherry Red 1981)
Rapoon “Iron Path” from fallen gods CD ALBUM (Staalplaat 1994)
At Swim Two Birds “let her go” from Before You Left CD ALBUM (Vespertine & Son 2009)
Les Hurleurs “The Fall of Saigon” from Blottie (2003)
Ton Bruynel “Reflexen” from Institut of Sonology: Early Electronic Music CD COMP (Sub Rosa 2002)
Ryuichi Sakamoto “Thatness and Thereness” from US
Antena “Camino del sol” from Antena EP (Les Disques Du Crepuscule 1982)
Steven Brown “Last Rendezvous (7" Version)” from searching for contact (LTM 2004)
Michael Nyman “Mozart” (Les Disques Du Crepuscule 1981)
The Legends “People Like Us” from Public Radio (Labrador Records 2005)
The Lost Jockey “matters of theory” from the fruit of the original sin (LTM 2007)
Polmo Polpo “Requiem for a Fox” from Like Hearts Swelling CD ALBUM (Constellation)
Nana April Jun “Process Philosophy” from the ontology of noise CD ALBUM (Touch 2008)
The Durutti Column “Response” from Another Setting (Factory 1983)
The Durutti Column “Bordeaux” from Another Setting (Factory 1983)
Wolfgang Riechmann “Traumzeit” from Wunderbar CD ALBUM (Bureau B 2009)
Robert Hampson “Ahead - Only The Stars” from Vectors CD ALBUM (Touch 2009)

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