Tuesday, March 01, 2005

pasting together older material


"Going on from here—going on from now. It’s better if its done quietly, while there is still time left. Look out to the corridor, look out to the street, ask yourself a lifetime of riddles, but in the end you cannot argue, you cannot escape this bliss. “I’ve never felt it before.”, you say. It’s new, its foreign, but its not going away and its so indescribably wonderful! You’re at a loss and drained of thought for the most part. You wait several seconds to find out what might happen next. It hasn’t subsided, the sensation is still there—you’re actually able to relax for what must be the first time in your life."

At this point i want to re-assess some older fragments in the hope of rescuscitating the whole. Its not as cold as it was here in New England. I've got "Gemma Bovery" (Posey Simmonds 'graphic novel' retelling of Flaubert in a contemporary setting) and Timothy Garton Ash's "Free World" to read. That is, apart from all the other books in my room. I watched another episode of SPACED on DVD before putting this together. What a brilliant show! I normally don't watch television but I have a soft spot for certain programs.

Alright-- I'll keep this short for the first post.

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