Monday, September 19, 2005

Joann Sfar discusses the Rabbi's Cat - TONIGHT

Pantheon Books again leads the way in breaking contemporary comic book artists into the mainstream. Joann Sfar's book tour finds its way to Cambridge tonight. This should be fun!

The copy reads:

JOANN SFAR discusses The Rabbi’s Cat

Harvard Book Store is pleased to announce that on Monday, September 19th Joann Sfar will discuss his new graphic novel The Rabbi’s Cat.

Produced by one of France’s most celebrated young comic artists, The Rabbi’s Cat tells the wholly unique story of a rabbi, his daughter, and their talking cat, who is a philosopher brimming with scathing humor and surprising tenderness. Rich with the colors and textures, of Algeria’s Jewish community, The Rabbi’s Cat brings a lost world vibrantly to life—a time and place where Jews and Arabs coexisted—and peoples it with endearing characters, and one unforgettable cat.

Tonight at 6:30pm

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