Friday, September 30, 2005

OTC playlist from last week

Luke Haines “Oliver Twist” from The Oliver Twist Manifesto
Coti “P. Circolare” from Lido/Lato CD ALBUM (Poeta Negra 2004)
Eric Random “Dow Chemical Co.” from Subliminal 1980-1982
Karl Biscuit “La Morte” from Secret Love CD ALBUM (Crammed Discs 1984)
David Kristian “sound absorber” from music from the mermaid room CD ALBUM (Wikkid 2003)
Steven Brown “The Lorelei / Overture” from Decade
Howard Shore “Crash” from Cannes Film Festival 50th Anniversary Album CD
Eric Random “6.55” from Subliminal 1980-1982
Mark Van Hoen “you and me inside” from playing with time CD ALBUM (Apollo 1998)
Peter Principle “The Cloisters” from Idyllatry CD ALBUM (LTM 2005)
Encre “Hassan” from Flux CD ALBUM (Clapping Music 2004)
Anorak “Ambyam” from Starving But Happier! CD COMP (2003)
The Durutti Column “lips that would kiss madeleine” from Lips That Would Kiss Madeleine (form prayers to broken stone) (Factory Benelux)
Jacques Derrida “Destruction and Necessity” from The Night Watch COMP
Wim Mertens “Maximizing the Audience” CD ALBUM (Les Disques Du Crepuscule 1984)
Howard Shore “Welcome to Annexia” from naked lunch CD ALBUM
Opto “5.10 a.m.” from 2nd CD ALBUM (hobby industries 2004)
Mitchell Akiyama “Mort Aux Vaches” CD SINGLE (Staalplaat 2005)
David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto “WORLD CITIZEN - i won't be disappointed (Long Version)” from WORLD CITIZEN - i won't be disappointed CD SINGLE
Tuxedomoon “The Laboratory (parts 1 & 2)” from The Ghost Sonata
Deadly Weapons “King Cobra” from Deadly Weapons LP ALBUM (NATO)
Francoiz Breut “la chanson d'Helene” from vingt a trente mille jours CD ALBUM (Virgin France 2001)
Susumu Yokota “l close the door upon myself” from Symbol CD ALBUM (Leaf 2005
Ian McCulloch “September Song” 10-INCH SINGLE (Korova 1984)
Desormais “Broken Images and Packets of Light” from Iambrokenandremadeiambroken... CD ALBUM (intr_version 2003)
Piano Magic “Artists' Rifles” CD ALBUM
Peter Principle “Emotions” from Idyllatry CD ALBUM
Eric Random “Regret and Despair” from Subliminal 1980-1982
Young Marble Giants “Final Day” from Colossal Youth (Les Disques Du Crepuscule)

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