Friday, September 09, 2005

plans for le weekend

Still recovering from a busy week. It looks like the coming weekend won't be a picnic either. I hope to check out the Harvard yard sale tomorrow and possibly catch a film later in the day. Sunday night is my friend Vin's birthday, which may entail a visit to River Gods for various festivities. This week's edition of the Montreal Mirror has Brazilian Actor/Musician Seu Jorge on the cover, I believe he is due to play a the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston soon. Also, Nouvelle Vague are on tour. It may be a good idea to catch them this time round because the will perform a number of covers to be on a forthcoming release (Blondie, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, New Order and Bauhaus and the Smiths). It would appear that Bossa Nova covers are definately in style. I also want to check out the Degas exhibit at the Sackler museum. That reminds me, the Harvard Film Archive's new calendar starts tonight. They'll be doing a retrospective of Louis Malle's work for most of this month. I'll put together a 'highlights' of the schedule shortly. Also of note: the lastest issue of the New Left Review has a book review by Jonathan Rosenbaum of a new compilation of French Film Critic Serge Daney's work. I must get a hold of that shortly.

I'll be on the air tonight playing mostly older material. The new Goldfrapp "Supernature" disc is already out in Europe to stellar reviews. Hopefully the disc will be released here shortly.

Bonne chance!


Quit Smoking said...

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Sir Richard Wentworth said...

Yessir! Goldfrapp is -- ahem-- the bomb.

Now if only the blogspammers would stop stalking nice people like us, we could all stop smoking through submliminal messages...

Ah well!

Yard sale! Yard sale! Yard sale!

Sir Richard Wentworth said...

Have you given Supernature a good spin yet, sir?

Sir Richard Wentworth said...

BTW, the BurnsWare event looks cool -- I's love to go!

George said...

Regarding the Charles Burns / Chris Ware event, it is moderated by Chip Kidd.

Tickets are available for $3 at the Harvard Bookstore.