Thursday, October 27, 2005

Carnets de Lettonie by Christophe Blain

French comic book artist Christophe Blain, known for his work on Le Réducteur de vitesse (published by NBM in the USA as 'the Speed Abater') and his Isaac the Pirate series, has come out with a new book. The European publisher Casterman just released a graphic journal of his trip to Riga, Latvia for a comic art festival.

Carnets de Lettonie
Auteur(s): Christophe Blain
Date de parution : 24/10/2005
Dimensions : 19 x 26
Pages : 80
Prix : 14,50 €

Interesing and moody landscapes from his visit there last March and June.


aabols said...

he he he I'm from Latvia and, you know, it is really so grey in winter here :) mst by this book

George said...

Yes, Christophe Blain's other work is highly recommended as well.