Friday, October 07, 2005

Playlist from September 30, 2005

Dead Hollywood Stars “dreamland's burning (fnga mix)” from masonic: hymen records (Hymen Records 2002)
Desormais “Broken Images and Packets of Light” from Iambrokenandremadeiambroken... CD
Peter Principle “scissors cut paper” from Idyllatry CD ALBUM
The Durutti Column “Red Square” from Vini Reilly CD ALBUM (Factory Once 1996)
Jay-jay Johanson “Rush” CD SINGLE (EMI Sweden 2005)
Pascal Comelade “valse de la demoiselle aux yeux verts” from el primitivismo SINGLE
Francois De Roubaix “Le Saut de l'ange” from Anthologie Vol. 1 (Play-Time 1999)
Ultramarine “geezer (remix by sweet exorcist)” from Companion
David Kristian “Owl Howl With Hoots” from Sweet Bits CD ALBUM (2004)
Twine “Strobe” from S/T CD ALBUM (Ghostly International 2004)
Steven Brown “Modern Times” from composes pour le theatre et le cinema LP ALBUM
Eric Random “Dow Chemical Co.” from Subliminal 1980-1982
Legowelt “Chokolectrik” from Deep Tics
Martial Canterel “Ascent” from confusing outsides LP ALBUM (genetic music 2005)
The Passage “drugface” from seedy (Cherry Red 1997)
John Foxx & Louis Gordon “concrete, bulletproof, invisible” from Shifting City (Metamatic 1995)
Tuxedomoon “In the name of talent (Italian Western II)” from Ten Years in One Night (live) LP ALBUM (Materali Sonori 1989)
Peter Principle “Desolate Idyll” from Idyllatry CD ALBUM
Steven Brown “Chinatown” from composes pour le theatre et le cinema LP ALBUM (Les Disques Du Crepuscule 1989)
Coti “sine shadows” from [metamoria\> (vibrant music 2001)
Skipsapiens “compresion infinitesimal” from eco (Mutek 2005)
Vitamins for You “Luxury and Hope” from Saturday Morning Empires CD COMP
Hans Appelqvist “gumman” from Starving But Happier! CD COMP (2003)
Koji Asano “Spring Estuary II” from Spring Estuary CD ALBUM (Solstice 2005)
Pascal Comelade “your labios as tulips” from el primitivismo
Opto “11.45 p.m.” from 2nd CD ALBUM (hobby industries 2004)
Susuma Yokota “The Plateau Which the Zephyr of Flora Occupies” from Symbol (2005)
Arbol “Summer and You” from Acuarela Songs 3 CD COMP
David Sylvian “a fire in the forest remixed by readymade FC” from the good son vs THE ONLY DAUGHTER CD ALBUM (samadhisound)
Yann Tiersen “Quimper 84” from la valse des monstres
Jay-jay Johanson “time won't heal” from Rush CD SINGLE (EMI Sweden 2005)
Harold Budd “Children on the Hill” from From Brussels with Love (Les Disques Du Crepuscule 1981)
Eric Random “sense so lightly” from Subliminal 1980-1982

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