Friday, October 21, 2005

A new retelling of ancient myths

I noticed this item of interest thanks to our friends at the CBC today.
Margaret Atwood, Karen Armstrong, A.S. Byatt, Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe and Chinese writer Su Tong are also working on the series.

The article begins:

The story of Penelope, as imagined by Margaret Atwood, is among the first titles to be released in an international series of books that retell ancient myths.

Publishers from around the world are collaborating on the open-ended series, in one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by the industry.

The first five books of the series were released at the Frankfurt Book Fair Friday. Prominent writers from around the world have been recruited to write for the series.

The Penelopiad: The Myth of Penelope and Odysseus by Atwood is a retelling of Homer's story from Penelope's point of view.

Click above for the full article.

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sarah said...

these are good suggestions for library purchases. i am quite glad to have stumbled across this today.