Wednesday, February 28, 2007

- Arbol Japan Tour March 2007 -

This just in:

Arbol is goin' on a "1 month" adventure tour around Japan starting on the 11th of March in Osaka. Miguel Marin aka Arbol has been lately working on soundtracks for films and music for the dance company "Erre que Erre".
Arbol is working on his 3rd and new album "you travelled my heart Inside Out" (with the help of musician Jordi Saludes) which will be released under
lejosdiscos/emiliirecords on 29th Sept 2007 and sees collaboration from Suzy Mangion,Haruna Komatsu and Fernando Lagreca among others.

Osaka 11march "Avan Music Festival" (arbol,jackieomotherfucker,merzbow)
Tokyo 17march Arbol/Eri Makino at AOI HEYA Shibuya.
Tokyo 23march Arbol/mito at O-nest Shibuya.
Tokyo 24march Arbol CMFLG party at Bul let's Roppongi.
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