Monday, February 12, 2007

Playlist - Friday February 9, 2007 - NCP

Fri Feb 9th 2007 7.00pm–10.00pm

Ovil Bianca “RaiDIO” from Gravity = Love CD ALBUM ((K-RAA-K)3 2001)
Coti “sea level” from [metamoria\> (vibrant music 2001)
Bernard Szajner “Welcome (To Heathrow)” from So Young But So Cold (Tigersushi)
Telefax “MouDJahidin Portative” from des courbes de choses invisibles CD ALBUM (doradorovitch 2003)
Felix Kubin “Too Technical” from Matki Wandalki CD ALBUM (a-musik 2004)
Gyorgy Ligeti “Glissandi” from Cologne WDR
Nobukazu Takemura “wizard in circus” from child & magic CD ALBUM (warner japan 2002)
Emak Bakia “Jane's Memory” from Jane CD ALBUM (Acuarela 1999)
At Swim Two Birds “giggling fits” from returning to the scene of the crime... (Green UFOs 2007)
The Durutti Column “Homage to Catalonia” from Vini Reilly (Factory)
Eric Random “Dow Chemical Co” from Subliminal 1980-1982 (LTM 1982)
David Kristian + Ryosuke Aioke “my bones of iron” from ghost storeys (Cocosolidciti 2006)
Pascal Comelade “Sequence 6” from Back to Schizo (1975-1983)
Tuxedomoon “In the name of talent (Italian Western II)” from Ten Years in One Night (live) (play-boy 1989)
Hazard “Flutter” from I.D.E.A.L. CD COMP (Le Disques Du Lieu Unique 2003)
Steven Brown “Audiences and Stages” from Decade ( 2002)
John Foxx “meranym” from cathedral oceans III CD ALBUM (fullfill 2005)
At Swim Two Birds “in bed with your best friend” from returning to the scene of the crime... (Green UFOs 2007)
Francois De Roubaix “La Scoumoune” from Anthologie Vol. 1 CD ALBUM (Play-Time 1999)
Nine Horses “The Librarian” from snow borne sorrow (samadhisound 2005)
Moondog “Lament 1 "Bird's Lament"” from The Viking Of Sixth Avenue CD COMP (Honest Jons 2006)
Jimi Tenor “my mind” from organism CD ALBUM (warp music)
Tuxedomoon “The Laboratory (parts 1 and 2)” from The Ghost Sonata (LTM 1991)
Pelle Carlberg “Oh, No! Its happening again!” from Everything, Now!
The Village “childhood” from "the Village" (Elefant)
Jay Jay Johanson “rocks in pockets” from the long term physical effects are not yet known
July Skies “countryside of 1939” from The English Cold CD ALBUM (MakeMineMusic 2004)
Coti “Beben G.” from Lido/Lato CD ALBUM (Poeta Negra 2004)
Mika Vainio “Yksinaisyys, suru, katkeruus [Loneliness, Sorrow, Bitterness” from Revitty CD ALBUM (wavetrap 2007)

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