Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Orchids : Good To Be A Stranger

There must be something in the water in Glasgow, it has always been the home to some of the most brilliant pop bands the world has to offer and The Orchids are no exception. After a series of excellent releases on Sarah Records (discussed in full here) which ranged from sugary sweet pop to psychedelic hymns, they quietly disappeared in the Mid-90s. Now they are back with another blissful album. Listening to “Good To Be A Stranger” it immediately occurs to me that they have literally picked up from where they left off. They are still heavily influenced by good Sixties pop tunes. This album feels like a lazy summer day, hanging out on a sunny hillside with friends reminiscing of happy times. The album immediately gets underway with the title track, two minutes of a fast guitar driven warmth bearing the message: “Its good to be back.” Indeed it is. Many of the songs evoke moods inspired by the different aspects of a relationship including love, longing, and departure. Apart from the title track, the songs that really stand out to me at the moment are: “Another Saturday Night”—a chronicle of heading out on the weekend and dancing {Alas, every Saturday night should have this as its soundtrack}, “Down to the Ocean”—about a trip to the seashore, and the closing track “You Could Do Something To Me”—about the resolution of an argument, all perfect subjects for songs as compelling and sunkissed as these. “Good To Be A Stranger” proves the Orchids have not lost their touch for pure jangly pop goodness.

Track Listing:
1. Good To Be A Stranger
2. Take My Hand
3. Xylophone Song
4. I Need You To Believe In Me
5. The Last Thing (On Your Mind)
6. Another Saturday Night
7. Down To The Ocean
8. Feel The Magic
9. Do It For Yourself
10. You Could Do Something TO Me

Due for release on Siesta Records in Early March.

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