Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best of 2007 - Music

Best of 2007: Music

1. Tuxedomoon 7707 - 30th Anniversary Box Contents:

Vapour Trails
(CD | new album | 2007)
Muchos Colores • Still Small Voice • Kubrick • Big Olive
Dark Temple • Dizzy • Epso Meth Lama • Wading Into Love

Unearthed: Lost Cords
(CD | previously-unreleased recordings | 1977-1997 )
Day to Day • Remember • III (April in Afghanistan) • Somnambulist
Heaven and Hell • Atlantis • Up All Night • Loplop's People • Devastated
Brad's Loop • Allemande Bleue • No Business Like Show Business
Cell Life • Oceanus • Work Coda

Unearthed: Found Films
(DVD | archive & unreleased material| total time 160 minutes| 1977-1988)
I. Ghost Sonata (an opera without words)
II. A Thousand Lives By Picture (nine music videos)
III. Mythical Puzzle (a travelogue)
IV. Jetwave (a multimedia loft jam)
V. Colorado Suite (early studio explorations)
VI. No Tears (accelerated memory)

162o7 (39°N 7°W)
(CD | a concert recorded in February 2007) (Crammed)

2. Robert Wyatt Comicopera (Domino)

3. Gudrun Gut "I Put a Record On" (Monika Enterprise)
FYI: her best of 2007 is here.

4. Fennesz Sakamoto "Cendre" (Touch)

5. Burial "Untrue" (hyperdub)

6. The Durutti Column "Idiot Savants" (Fulfill)

7. Frank Bretscheider "Rhythm" (raster-noton)

8. Hans Appelqvist "Sifantin och mörkret" (Hapna)

9. Christina Kubisch "Five Electrical Walks" (Important)

10. Berg Sans Nipple "Along the quai"

11. Pelle Carlberg "In a Nutshell" (Labrador)

Harmonia "Live 1974"
Young Marble Giants "Colossal Youth" (Domino)
"The Fruit of the Original Sin" Compilation (LTM)
"Ghosts of Christmas Past" Compilation (LTM)
Kraftwerk "Ralf & Florian"
The Durutti Column "Sporadic Three" (Kooky) [older material made available for the first time]
Films about music:
Scott Walker: 30th Century Man dir. Stephen Kijak (film site)
Control dir. Anton Corbjin
Screaming Masterpiece dir. ARI ALEXANDER ERGIS MAGNÚSSON(film site)

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