Saturday, December 08, 2007


I have to go out to clear my head to prove to myself that there is life beyond these four walls. I've had such a lovely day today. Then I got home and then circumstances beyond my control brought me down. I read a little, then one of my roommates came home. After a brief discussion, we decided it was time to watch the final episode of Blake's 7. It was better than I expected. I am still in shock. It will take a while to recover from that one. A nice emotional shock sometimes proves cathartic in its own way. Blake's 7 is truly one of the great Sci-fi series. Now its over and I need to escape for a while. Possibly walk around in the cold and observe. Possibly walk around in the cold and listen to the recent Robert Wyatt album "Comicopera". I need to feel what its like, to observe the horizon line once again with the sky above my head. I don't need to meet other people.

I just need to experience space once again.
Tomorrow let the cycle begin again anew.

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