Saturday, March 01, 2008

parle moi...j'ai des choses a te dire

and so i wait and i wonder what might happen next. the feeling of distance overwhelms me. i make time by reading and exploring media-- its no excuse for pure experience. i am encouraged by this somewhat, considering the snow outside, the presence of words, the way she crafts a sentence or a tilt of her head. perhaps i finish books too fast-- i have to start another-- this inbetween time, when i'm not reading or focussing on something is too dangerous. i stop to wonder and think-- blurring the lines of common sense. letting my essence go for once-- out there, in the sunlight, taking a walk wondering when she might arrive again. current projects, apart from music reviews, include finishing "watching wildlife" by Cynthia Chris, starting "rogue male" by Geoffrey Household, starting a viewing of "Life on Earth" by David Attenborough, reconnecting with the world again. there are so few people i really want to see now-- and those i do live away from here.

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