Friday, December 01, 2006

Looking Back

The more I am isolated from others the more I feel the weight of my emotions. I don't want to refer to "Peeling Onions" or "The Onion Cellar" - as they've both been getting enough press -- but the concept is still the same looking back on one's past is a lot like peeling onions, there are many layers and as you get closer to the center, they make you cry. I've found a few years worth of old journals of mine from six years ago recently. It is funny what I said, in view of going through what I did at the time, and I wonder how long it will take. When will I stop treading over the same ground? Now, I lose myself in other stories, biographies, narrative fictions, the bliss of the creative mind. As the days go on, I miss so many people I have loved and lost.

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