Wednesday, December 06, 2006

radio - wzbc - "off the cuff" playlist from Nov. 17

This is the playlist from November 17, 2006.

John Foxx “kurfurstendamm” from Tiny Colour Movies CD ALBUM (Metamatic 2006)
Pan American “train station” from Personal Settings CD COMP (Quatermass)
Infantjoy “Composure (with ISAN)” from With (2006)
Mika Vainio “Winter Spirit” from Kantamoinen CD ALBUM (Sahko Recordings)
Chris Watson and BJ Nilsen “No Man's Land” from Storm CD ALBUM (Touch)
Epic 45 “August Passed Away Unnoticed” from Reckless Engineers
Jay-jay Johanson “Skeletal” from Whiskey CD ALBUM (BMG Sweden)
Jay-jay Johanson “I'm older now” from Whiskey CD ALBUM (BMG Sweden)
The Durutti Column “Snowflakes” from Lips that would kiss(FBN)
Infantjoy “Ghosts (With Populous)” from With (2006)
Harmonia “vamos companeros” from harmonia '76 CD ALBUM (Rykodisc)
July Skies “Countryside of 1938” from where the days go (make mine music)
Wally Van Middendorp “raving lunatic #1” from some of the interesting things you'll see on a long distance flight (Les Disques Du Crepuscule)
Richard Jobson “etiquette”
Richard Jobson “pavillion pole"
Francois De Roubaix from Anthologie Vol. 1 CD ALBUM (A-musik)
Bene Gesserit “kitchen music for kitchen people” from A High Happy Perverse and Cynical Cry of Joy (Insane Records)
The Montgolfier Brothers “une chanson du crepuscle” from seventeen stars (Vespertine)
Wim Mertens “Often a Bird” from Jardin Clos CD ALBUM (Les Disques Du Crepuscule)
Francois De Roubaix “Chapi Chapo” from Anthologie Vol. 1 CD
Felix Kubin “Psyko Billy” from Matki Wandalki (A Musik)
Felix Kubin “Hit me, provider” from Matki Wandalki (A Musik)
Steven Brown “la vie est belle” from composes pour le theatre et le cinema LP
Matching Mole “Signed Curtain” from Matching Mole CD ALBUM
Arthur Russell “See Through Love” from Another Thought CD ALBUM
David Kristian “Fragmaneted Skyway” from Sweet Bits CD ALBUM (monochrome)
Jay-jay Johanson “Only for You Remix” from She Doesn't Live Here Anymore(EMI Sweden)
Thomas Brinkmann “4” from rosa (Max Ernst)
Coti “Beben G.” from Lido/Lato CD ALBUM (Poeta Negra)
Janek Schaefer “between the two” from In the Last Hour CD ALBUM (Room 40)
Infantjoy “Without” from With (2006)
Mika Vainio “In Wind” from Kantamoinen CD ALBUM (Sahko)
Cluster “2” from Cluster '71 LP ALBUM (Sky 1983)
Chris Watson and BJ Nilsen “SIGWX” from Storm CD ALBUM (Touch)

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