Tuesday, September 08, 2009

NCP I playlist from September 4, 2009 - 1900 to 2200

"off the cuff" (NCP) with George 09/04/2009 07:00PM to 10:00PM

07:00PM Jazz "The Tether Ends Here" from "the night watch" on LTM
07:04PM Ruth White "Wheel of Fortune" from "7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards" (LP) on limelight
07:08PM Emtidi "Traume" from "mitten ins ohr" on ZYX
07:10PM Wio "Once this open place was a river" from "WIO" (CD) on K-raa-k
07:13PM Rapoon "blue streak blues" from "Dark Rivers" (CD) on Lens Records
07:18PM David Sylvian "Brilliant Trees" from "Brilliant Trees" on Virgin
07:26PM Elaine Radigue "Onward 19, Backward 19" from "Vice Versa etc (1970)" on Important
07:35PM The Durutti Column "Requiem Again" from "Vini Reilly" on Factory
07:40PM The Names "Calcutta" from "swimming" (CD) on LTM
07:43PM Tuxedomoon "The Laboratory (Parts 1 & 2)" from "The Ghost Sonata" on LTM
07:49PM Coti "Sea Level" from "[metamoria\>" on vibrant music
07:54PM Martial Canterel "Hausmann" from "Refuge Underneath" (CD) on Wierd
07:59PM Hiroshi Fujiwara "hard boiled dub" from "In Dub Conference" (CD) on Victor (japan)
08:05PM Tuxedomoon "Dark Companion" from "Ten Years in One Night (live)" (CD) on Materali Sonori
08:09PM Nana April Jun "Process Philosophy" from "the ontology of noise" (CD) on Touch
08:16PM Bump & Grind Vs Third Eye Foundation "Pan Odyssey" from "Substantia" (CD) on Sub Rosa
08:22PM Ian McCulloch "September Song" from "September Song" (10 Inch) on Korova
08:26PM July Skies "Harlow" from "The Weather Clock" (CD) on make mine music
08:32PM Yann Tiersen "Monochrome" from "Black Session" on Ici D'ailleurs
08:35PM Moritz Von Oswald Trio "Pattern 3" from "Vertical Ascent" (CD) on Honest Johns Records
08:45PM Jay-Jay Johanson "Lightning Strikes" from "Self Portrait" on EMI Sweden
08:51PM The Durutti Column "Missing boy - demo" from "Sub disc 2004" on Kooky
08:56PM Steven Brown "Music #2" from "Decade" on LTM
09:00PM The Names "Discovery" from "swimming" (CD) on LTM
09:05PM Bene Gesserit "Kidnapping" from "Kidnapping" (7 Inch)
09:10PM Ennio Morricone "corsa sui tetti-aka black glove underground part one" from "Psichedelico Jazzistico" (CD) on El
09:13PM Delia Derbyshire "Falling" from "Inventions for Radio"
09:22PM Robert Henke "flicker" from "Atom Document" (CD) on Imbalance Computer Music
09:31PM Ester Brinkmann "Maschine" from "Totes Rennen" (CD) on Suppose
09:34PM The Names "I wish I could speak your language" from "swimming" (CD) on LTM
09:41PM Wolfgang Riechmann "himmelblau" from "Wunderbar" (CD) on Bureau B
09:51PM Felix Kubin + Coolhaven "There is a garden" from "suppe fur die nacht"
09:52PM Christina Kubisch "Armonica" from "Armonica" (CD) on semishigure

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