Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Another Setting

Five days left, as it were, embarking on a new journey perhaps. Then again, perhaps not my mind is consumed by the presence of memory. I feel locked in this stasis trying to comprehend past events. What could have led to this? Why am i so vulnerable now? Why do I long so much for ... the promise of a few more moments. Its difficult to keep drifting with no actual knowledge of what lies ahead. My life is "spun out of control", or it has run away with my ---- never to bring it back. Day to day advice helps, words that bring me back into the picture, that bring me hope. I don't know if I regret anything or its just a failure to understand what happened. Again, if I cannot communicate clearly how can I possibly comprehend past events? I move around for awhile asking myself the same questions. Hoping for closure or the promise of a new beginning.

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