Monday, November 16, 2009

OTC - NCP I - playlist November 13, 2009

"off the cuff" (NCP) with George 11/13/2009 07:00PM to 10:00PM

07:09PM Ovil Bianca "RaiDIO" from "Gravity = Love" (CD) on (K-RAA-K)3
07:14PM Felix Kubin "Lumiere Belge" from "Matki Wandalki" (CD) on A-musik
07:18PM Jay-Jay Johanson "It hurts me so" from "Whiskey" (CD) on BMG Sweden
07:24PM Mapstation "The protector" from "The Africa Chamber" on ~Scape
07:30PM Harold Budd & Robin Guthrie "Snowfall" from "Music from the Film Mysterious Skin"
07:36PM At Swim Two Birds "let her go" from "Before You Left" (CD) on Vespertine & Son
07:40PM The Durutti Column "the eye and the hand" from "The fruit of the original sin" on Les Disques Du Crepuscule
07:43PM Arbol "Summer and You" from "Acuarela Songs 3" on Acuarela
07:47PM Emptyset "Beyond" from "Emptyset" (CD) on Caravan
07:53PM A Band Apart "O My Beautiful Song" from "EP" (12 Inch) on Crammed Discs
08:00PM John Foxx "the shadow of a woman's hand" from "cathedral oceans III" (CD) on fullfill
08:05PM Nobukazu Takemura "wizard in circus" from "child & magic" (CD) on warner japan
08:08PM HYPO "The Perfect Kill" from "Random Veneziano" (CD) on Active Suspension
08:10PM Les Hurleurs "The Fall of Saigon" from "Blottie"
08:14PM Felix Kubin "hit me, provider" from "Matki Wandalki" (CD) on A-musik
08:17PM Gusgus "take me baby" from "24/7" (CD) on Kompakt
08:23PM Jimi Tenor "Sugardaddy" from "Intervision" (CD) on Warp
08:29PM Tuxedomoon "Luther Blisset" from "Cabin in the Sky" (CD) on Crammed Discs
08:34PM Coti "piccolo poema urbano" from "[metamoria\>" on vibrant music
08:39PM Jay-Jay Johanson "I'm Older Now" from "Whiskey" (CD) on BMG Sweden
08:50PM Mapstation "Return of the hunters" from "The Africa Chamber" on ~Scape
08:55PM Mark Van Hoen "Gifts and Prizes" from "Playing with Time" (CD) on Apollo
09:00PM Hiroshi Fujiwara "hard boiled dub" from "In Dub Conference" (CD) on Victor (japan)
09:09PM Christina Kubisch "Security" from "Five Electrical Walks" (CD) on Important
09:10PM Emptyset "Awake" from "Emptyset" (CD) on Caravan
09:15PM Telefax "0111101011010000" from "des courbes de choses invisibles" (CD) on dora dorovitch
09:19PM Felix Kubin + Coolhaven "arger dich nicht" from "suppe fur die nacht"
09:19PM Felix Kubin + Coolhaven "auf den stufen deiner schonheit" from "suppe fur die nacht"
09:20PM Felix Kubin + Coolhaven "There is a Garden" from "suppe fur die nacht"
09:29PM Domotic "smiles again" from "smiles again" (MiniCD) on Active Suspension
09:46PM Mountains "Melodica" from "Choral" (CD) on Thrill Jockey

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