Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jay-Jay Johanson's playlist lately

from his blog post:

the songs played before the shows in France, Luxembourg and Russia was

Gong - the octave doctors and the crystal machine
Kraftwerk - harmonika
Astor Piazzolla - can't remember what song
Ryuichi Sakamoto - hwit
Pat Metheny - electric counterpoint, slow
Chet Baker - blue bossa
Radio String Orchestra - you know, you know
Kronos Quartet - after the war
Steve Reich - six marimbas
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - the sound of someone you love who's going away and it doesn't matter
Miles Davis - in a silent way
Charles Mingus - self portrait in three colours


Its funny to me - I play that Penguin Cafe Orchestra track on my radio show often.

NOTE: I will be on the air tomorrow night - 1900-2200 EST

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