Thursday, November 05, 2009

Three Days Left.

Its three days now. What have I learned so far? Where am I going? (I feel like Gauguin for a moment there- asking questions that are impossible to answer) From this life to another passing through time looking back on all that came before. Another quick scan, another place to be thankful for. I had one of the most exciting and somewhat heartbreaking summers in a long time. This is good. It is an adventure I want to continue. I’ve been focusing on those moments lately where one says goodbye. That past reflection when she left – it doesn’t matter who or when its just the few second of total disconnect replayed in my mind over and over. The chemical rush of excitement as I was confident and full of hope and not worried and waiting rest assured it would all continue the “o I should mention this but it can wait because I will certainly see you again soon”. Only to have those hopes crushed on the rocks and washed away in to the ocean of time. Or something like that emerged the next moment being cut off without equivocation. Perhaps it was the age, conflicting interests, divided loyalties, overcome by pursuit...

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